The Mario Do Right Foundation is dedicated to mentoring and supporting the children of substance abusing parents.






The Mario Do Right Foundation is a non-profit youth development organization with emphasis on substance abuse prevention.  The organization provides education, awareness and support to children of addicted parents (COAP). 

The organization was birthed out of the desire to educate the nation on the need for additional substance abuse prevention resources in our communities. With years of proven results, the Mario Do Right Foundation has brought about tangible change by providing services and resources to families, schools and communities. Expanding its reach nationwide, The Foundation is regularly called upon by local and national politicians, researchers and practitioners to help shape policy that affect disadvantaged youth and communities. Mario along with Kevin Shird, his co-founder and business partner, has broadened the conversation regarding substance abuse prevention and the need to support children of addicted parents.

Foundation At a Glance

The Mario Do Right Foundation is a 501(c)(3) which was established in 2007 by singer, songwriter and actor Mario Barrett and business partner, Kevin Shird, in an effort to educate and inspire youth adversely affected by drug and alcohol abuse in the home.

The Foundation provides the crucial community support needed to sustain positive alternatives and viable opportunities for these children. Through the work of the foundation, Mario hopes to inspire and empower young people to overcome any obstacles and take the steps necessary to proactively make their dreams become reality.

In conjunction with other local and national partners, The Mario Do Right Foundation supports community-based services and the enrichment of programs devoted to serving youth in challenged communities that are coping with the impact of addiction. We foster community engagement by devoting time to direct service for young people in Baltimore and across the nation, including mentorship, outreach and structured programming.

Past initiatives of The Mario Do Right Foundation range from fundraising for grassroots organizations to visiting schools and organizing public speaking engagements through which Mario can reach out to troubled kids. Partners and beneficiaries of the foundation include The Boys and Girls Club, The Mentor Foundation, Baltimore City Public Schools, the Carmelo Anthony Youth Center, and the Scholastic PSA Campaign.

In 2011 The Mario Do Right Foundation looks forward to deepening its impact with an effective evidence based program approved by the American Medical Association, White House Office of Drug Policy and the U.S. Department of Education.